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Setting Conflict

Settling Conflicts

  • You move out of a rental house, and the landlord doesn’t want to return your deposit. You sign a contract on your cell phone, but want to change to something else before the term is up. You’re owed money for work you’ve done, but can’t get a business to pay. You set up a partnership, but it doesn’t work out and you need to dissolve the business.
  • Our two platforms will help you resolve anytime or any stage conflict. Start always, with where we use the latest electronic negotiation technology and our algorithms to have the system to actually assist and guide in the negotiation and eventual statement. If your dispute can not be resolved with, one of our customer services professionals direct you to, where you can select on our of our Mediators or Arbitrators to work with both parties and a NEUTRAL, and provide the human element to help you resolve the conflict.
  • Conflict is natural in every area of life, including business, real estate, health, finances, contracts, communities, personal relationships, and more. There are endless situations where parties come at something in different ways and want different outcomes. We often struggle with conflict and fail to achieve the outcomes we want. Our experiences with conflict are often so disheartening that many people avoid engaging in conflict even when avoidance makes things worse.
  • We think it’s time to do conflict in a new way!
  • For the first time in human history, the Internet combined with our platforms which leverage Artificial Intelligence is giving us new tools to find better answers to old human problems.
  • Our methodology and products leverage the power of software, the web, and the world’s best conflict experts to create an easy-to-use system that empowers people to successfully work through all types of conflict. We help you find real answers that both parties consider successful, even in situations where that seems almost impossible. And we do it more cheaply and efficiently than old ways of handling conflict.
  • Teaching the world, a new way to do conflict, is OUR MISSION!


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