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In the process of taking any new emerging technology to market, a technology service provider like ResolvNow Corporation, and our flagship product, requires successful partnering with various types of vertical industries. The platform and services are very customizable and we are open to any configuration, co-branding, co-hosting or business services consideration that serves clients efficiently and is good for our partners and our company. Outlined below are a few examples:

Architecture Considerations
Settle-Now is a Cloud based platform and the software can either be configured as:
- Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – on a fee based single or volume discounted services, hosted on our private and service cloud.
- Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – hosted, co-hosted, or client on premise hosted platform and potentially co-branded and delivered as a joint service between ResolveNow and our partners.

Type of Partners
This consideration is virtually unlimited, outlined below are a few possible examples:
-Vertical Industry Partners – our platforms can handle virtually any type of conflict type, and we are seeking very established quality vertical industry partners in key verticals like Health Care, Financial Services, Oil-Gas, Real Estate, eCommerce, Travel/Transportation as example. Settle-Now can be considered a value added service and co-branded and sold by service providers to their industry clients.
-Large Law Firms – in the last year, we reached and compiled a list of 15-20 of the largest and most market progressive firms who are already using technology, media and new bundled services to serve their clients in a more transformative manner. We are seeking partnership with these firms and others, who would consider Settle-Now as an added value and differentiating service offer for their clients.
-Specialized and Boutique Areas of Law - there are many example of this, see our dispute tabs on Settle-Now and our Other Dispute tab for partial consideration. Examples: Condo/Homeowner Association, Workers Compensation, Real Estate, Class-Action/Torts and many others. We are seeking these specialized firms to partner with us to bring Settle-Now services to customers.
-Government (Local, State and Federal) Agencies – this area also has a wide array of examples, including the Federal/State and Local Courts, Agencies and Regulatory functioning agencies and departments.M
-Professional and Industry Organizations – again there are many examples from Legal Bar Organizations, ADR Industry Services Providers, National/State Relator Organizations, Virtually any Industry professional organization might want to consider partnering and offering Settle-Now to his members as an added value service.
-Courts – (Federal/State/Local) our platforms can be configured to compliment and extend your Court Services and we are open to a shared revenue or added value fee arrangement.
-International Partner(s) – we are open to exploring opportunities to expand into international markets, we have a variety of customizable approaches to international markets.

Please contact us at or contact our Board Chair, or contact: (844)4U2-WINN, 844.482.9466.


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