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Our History
Founder David Puckett and Co-Founder Dr. Ted Becker.

Management and Technology Team

It all started in 2009, with a vision and concept by Founder/Chair David Puckett. David has over 30-years experience in global enterprise technology. He’s a proven serial entrepreneur who has sold two past companies to public companies. David acknowledges and credits that none of this would have been possible without the mentoring and tutelage of Dr. Ted Becker, who David met as an undergraduate student at the University Of Hawaii, where Dr. Becker founded the 1st in the United States Community Mediation Center, as a outreach of the University of Hawaii. David completed is Mediation Training Program, and since 1987 Dr. Becker has continued to help David and since founding the company as we developed both our methodology (Technology-enhanced Dispute Resolution, TeDR), which was dedicated to the legacy of Dr Becker. We have been blessed to have had some of the best people in the industry from inception to-date we have been blessed to both employee and contract with some of the top people including technologist and Legal/Dispute Resolution professionals. In 2021, David made the decision to turn the day-to-day operations of the business to two Presidents representing two separate platforms and divisions:
1. Stanley Zamor – and
2. Dr. Kimberly Vivanco – Additionally, we wanted to recognize Eddie Sutton, who has nearly a 30-year history of working with David on 3 different companies and today, serve as our Chief Technology Officer. In the 2nd quarter, 2021 we will be announcing our new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. Our company is guided by one of the top Board of Directors, chaired by David Puckett and our Board of Advisors chaired by Dr. Becker ever assembled in this industry. In addition to our Executive Management Team, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, we continue to leverage and benefit from many industry professional contributors, contributions in research from Law and Graduate Students and paid consultants and advisors.


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