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Our History

Our History

  • Settle-Now was born out the merger of two worlds -- the high tech industry and the best practices of professional mediation.
  • Our founder, David Puckett, had launched and sold two successful technology startups, when he found himself more and more interested in the process of mediation. So much so that he went back to school and got a Masters in Mediation.
  • During his education, Dave developed relationships with some of the greatest mediators in the world. He intuitively knew that he could use technology to bring their knowledge and skill to the rest of the world.
  • That was the birth of Settle-Now.
  • Dave raised over a million dollars to build the Settle-Now technology platform. He put together a board and advisors who could help him insure that the conflict resolution techniques were sound and effective.
  • The more he tested Settle-Now the more excited he became. The negatives of conflict -- endless argument, attacks, escalating costs, and unsatisfying outcomes -- shrank, and the positives -- making real progress, saving time, avoiding frustration increased.
  • He knew he had found something.
  • Dave has developed Settle-Now at a time when the world is about to learn about the power of online conflict resolution. Europe has passed legislation mandating that millions of conflicts be done online, rather than clogging courts. Businesses like eBay and Amazon have begun using automated software to allow consumers and suppliers to quickly resolve conflicts, without a human mediator. Courts around the country simply take small claims cases and send them to mediation anyway.
  • We are looking at a future where ANY conflict can and will be conducted online.
  • Settle-Now is built for that future. We can scale to the size and nature of any conflict. If the conflict can be resolved totally without expert help, our software makes that happen. If the conflict becomes mired or more complicated, we have the greatest pool of conflict experts available, still at a controllable, low cost. And if the conflict is massive in scale and complexity, we can work with experts and attorneys to organized, simplify, and speed up the resolution.
  • We’re now at the point where Dave’s original vision of using technology to change the nature of conflict has become a reality. And we’re excited to see just how far Settle-Now can reach in the future.


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