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How To Works

How Settle-Now Works

  • So the idea that we’ve built a better system of conflict resolution sounds wonderful, but people need to know how this actually works. Here is the typical flow of what you will experience using Settle-Now.
  1. You register for FREE with Settle-Now. This allows us to save your profile so that you can use our system any time you have a conflict, now or in the future.
  2. You begin a new case for FREE. You provide information important to your case. This also allows our experts to easily access materials they will they need in order to work on your case.
  3. Your case information is SAVED so that it can be shared at any time. You can pause your case and continue at any time.
  4. Once your information is logged in, you give us the contact information for the other party, and we invite them into the process. Since Settle-Now is new, we know there will be natural hesitations about what it is. We work with the other party so they understand why how Settle-Now works, why it’s different, the benefits of using Settle-Now over all other forms of conflict resolution, and why they should trust our process.
  5. The other party agrees to use Settle-Now. Fees are split between both parties. Both parties pay their portion of the standard fees, and the full resolution process begins.
  6. The resolution process proceeds. This includes steps such as both parties providing more comprehensive information. Both parties setting out what they want as a resolution. Both parties setting out to understand their own wants, and/or the wants of the other side. If needed, at any point a resolution expert can be chosen to help move the case forward.
  7. Real progress is made on all important points.
  8. A final resolution is reached. Both sides agree to the details.
  9. A final agreement is created, and agreed to by both parties.
  10. Both sides now fulfill the actions they’ve agreed to in the agreement.
  11. Settle-Now stays involved until all agreements are finalized, and all payments are made.
  12. This case is closed.
  13. Both parties remain members of Settle-Now, and can continue to use their established profiles as often as they like, for any other conflicts they have now or in the future.


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