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Setting Conflict


What if the other party won’t participate?
We take the lead on contacting the other party, explaining the benefits of using Settle-Now, and convincing them to participate. We have lots of experience helping people see the benefits of avoiding traditional conflict systems, so we can almost always get all parties to engage.

What if the other party doesn’t follow through on the agreement?
Someone balking after an agreement has been made is a part of the conflict process, no matter what system you choose. If this happens we engage with the hesitant party to work toward a finalized resolution. If we cannot get them to follow through on the agreement, then just like any other case, the traditional system of courts can then be invoked so that the agreement can be enforced by law.

Do we need the help of experts?
Although all conflicts share similar characteristics, there are also complicated or difficult conflicts that benefit from the help of an outside expert. That’s why we offer both self-service options, and options where you can easily bring one of our vetted experts into your situation. If your conflict stalls, or becomes overwhelming, or goes in directions you’re not happy with, it’s easy to call in the help of a Settle-Now Resolution Expert.

Does your system really get the results you promise?
Yes. We say up front that we can and will help you toward a mutually satisfying resolution of your conflict, because we have worked through thousands of conflicts before yours. Our techniques are based on the absolutely most effective and up-to-date forms of mediation and conflict resolution in the world. We believe in what we do, and we work incredibly hard to make sure we get great results for all parties involved.

Can I involve an attorney if I want to?
We do not allow Attorney access in ZipSettle, butSettle-Now is attorney-friendly at every juncture. We believe attorneys are incredible resources, especially in complicated situations where legal issues come into play in a conflict. Settle-Now is designed to make the work of an attorney faster, more organized, and more efficient. Should either or both parties want to use an attorney in addition to our system, we are more than ready to add legal help to the options we offer.

Does this really save time?
Yes. Undoubtedly. Because it’s so well organized, cuts to the heart of issues, and is cloud-based, Settle-Now saves time in countless ways. From avoiding travel time/costs through our use of online meetings, to having all documents centralized and instantly accessible to all parties, Settle-Now is built on the core value of speeding conflict resolution by making the process efficient, simple, and shareable.

Does this really save money?
Absolutely. The base costs of Settle-Now are minimal when compared to the costs of full and protracted litigation. We’re also cheaper than in-person mediation services, because we are efficient, cut out travel time/costs, and reach resolutions quickly. One of the greatest balks people have about entering into conflict is cost; Settle-Now is completely designed to dramatically lower the costs of big conflicts, and consistently lower the costs of even smaller, more basic conflicts. Cost-saving is one of our prime directives.

Is this really less emotionally taxing than traditional resolution processes?
Yes. Our platforms contain some of the most advanced emotional intelligence of any conflict resolution process. We have testing to help you understand both your own emotional conflict needs, and those of your conflicting party. Our Professional know exactly how to ask and discover the underlying emotional issues that so often make the difference in resolving a conflict in a satisfying way.


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