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ZipSettle Fees:

  • Our fee structure for ZipSettle starts and $49.00 to open a case, and in most cases can be resolve in less than $100.00 for both parties. Even for more complex cases the total cost will not exceed $250.00 per case, per party.
  • Our fees start at $250 a case, for simple cases than can be resolved in less than 2-hours, all the way up to $2,500. Additionally, you can step up in the packages if you require more hours,or can purchase additional hours at a discounted rate along with our packages. We can customize and be flexible in packaging our services. While our prices model is very simple, it often requires some explanation and customization. Our highly trained Conflict Resolution Specialists can help explain our model and help you select the best approach for your conflict.
  • For businesses, we can have contract mediation clauses and templates for your standard conflicts to reduce cost and reduce exposure in standard conflicts that arise in your business. Our fees begin at $250 for standard conflicts, and we can customize our services and cost structure around the needs of our business and industry.
  • For attorneys, we can customize, you can use Settle-Now as a platform and co-brand, or leverage our professionals. Since you leverage the platform completely online, it can reduce you cost in travel and hosting mediations in offices, and our services can be designed to be an extension of your standard services to your clients.
  • For courts, our services and platform can be used in a variety of ways, normally taking specific high volume case types like land-lord tenant or small claims and create a cost-effective and easier access service for citizens to resolve standard disputes. We can customize a cost structure including a shared revenue approach.

Important Information:

  • For all cases, the initiating party will be charged a non-refundable $49 administrative fee. If the case proceeds to Facilitation, that fee will be applied to the initiating party’s portion of the base fee.
  • All base fees will be split equally between the dispute parties.
  • A case will not proceed until all parties to the dispute have agreed to work with Settle-Now and submitted payment of their portion of the fee.
  • Upgrades to the next Level can be purchased at any point during the case or additional hours can be purchased. Available at low, fixed price.

Arbitration packages require customization in approach and packaging, and the packages begin and we have a pre-package turn-key fixed price divorce package called FamilySettle™ that follows a combination of the best practices of collaborative divorce, including involvement with attorneys, facilitators and meditators. The fixed price can be divided equally among the two parties, example below: Financing Offers: $1750 per party, $500 down and $208.33 a month for 6-months. (This will be limited to Florida only (Oct to Dec 2014). This full service and turnkey price includes forms, eFiling, attorney review of forms prior to filing initial case and final settlement.) Family Counseling Assessment, and 1-hour online secession and treatment planning and if requested and recommended is total assets of marriage exceeds $250,000 for an additional $250.00, the settlement agreement will be reviewed.


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